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                                                                    What Is Triple Force: I am Dawn Grimes, owner of Triple Force-Online                                                                    Consigners.  I have always had  a desire to own my own business.  After several attempts and                                                 failures at different ideas, I started to learn how to sell on eBay.   After asking a dear                                                               friend to help with that business, a plan  was formed to expand and develop something that                                                  would help others who might not have the time, experience, or desire to do what it takes                                                          to sell their own items.  Whether it just be a desire to declutter, or an estate that a family                                                       may not know what to do with, we decided that there was a whole generation out there who                                                   may need help to sort their things.
      In 2014 Triple Force – Online Consigners was born.   The business started by selling homeschool books and whatever extra unwanted items that were lying around the house. From that, we started putting the word out to other homeschool moms that we could get a little return on their investment and we started selling for them and taking in other items.
      After two years of working out of my basement and some storage units, we were able to move into part of a warehouse where we have space to store everything and an office to work from.

                                                               What we do:  Everything is advertised online through various platforms.  We sell at                                                        flea markets in the Spring and Summer and have a permanent booth at a local indoor                                                            flea market.  When something is sold, it is either shipped or picked up locally. Though                                                            we do not have store hours, an appointment can be made to come browse my space                                                                    where everything is kept.
                                                              Using various platforms, we will list, package and ship your items. You make 50%                                                          all for very little work on the client’s part .  We have taken in and sold anything from books, collectibles, to an antique truck for restoration.  Items can come in as little as 10 at a time, or we can pick up a house or storage unit full. 

                                                                      Looking to the Future:  ​   As the company continues to grow, we continually look for ways                                                          to expand and serve our customers better.  One way will be not only helping you downsize                                                            your belongings, but to also be licensed in real estate to sell your whole home.  We also look                                                          forward to teaching others our business model and building teams in other geographical                                                              areas.  
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