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​​This is in good condition. The trim on top is loose. The lightbulb needs changed. It wouldn’t light. 38” wide 17”deep 83” tall to top of trim.
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This Week's Blog Entry


Change Happens
by: Dawn Grimes

While I am not big on resolutions or thinking that a new year can be better or worse than the next, because too many life lessons have taught me to take life one day at a time.  But today, this first day of a new year, I have read two different times about change.  And I found a ring that has been missing for a few weeks.
This winter I have been having some issues with swollen fingers and a few weeks ago they were so swollen I had to go to the dr. This meant I had to take my rings off. I love rings. Especially this one.
It is my mother ring.  Symbolizing my three sons.   I was sure I took off all 3-4 rings I was wearing and placed them where I always do.  When my fingers were finally the size that I could slip them back on, this precious ring was missing. 
Now in my house things go missing sometimes (I’m great at misplacing keys) and you know socks disappear, and the tv controller gets lost, or sometimes people pick up things they shouldn’t, especially with a two-year-old around.  I didn’t panic but had to go over in my head exactly where and when I may have taken off my rings.  But since my other rings were in the proper spot, I knew I had taken it off there.
Still, I didn’t panic.  Just kept looking around day by day.  Saying to myself, it will turn up or I will just have to go get a new one.   I was really starting to miss it.  I love this ring.  I know it is only a symbol, but it still meant a lot to me to have it on my finger.
Today while cleaning, I was dusting things and vacuuming, I saw something shiny on the floor.  No big deal, things are on the floor. But suddenly, I realized it was gold and hey it may be my ring.  And thankfully, right before I ran the vacuum over that little shiny thing, I decided to bend down and pick it up!Yay! Ring found.  
Then I went to the next room and found an old Chinese fortune saying on the floor.  Welcome Change.
Perhaps a sign?  I don’t know, but two things in one day will make me stop and think.  And then a third. As I sat down to take a break, I opened an email and this is what I read:
“Expect things to start changing quickly as you are entering into a new season of acceleration.”  Dailyprophetic
Welcome Change can mean so many things.  And I for one am not foolish enough to think it may be all good change—but it can be.  I have been the recipient of both good and not so good changes.  But I do believe finding my ring and reading this small message is preparation for things to come.  Whether good or not so good, I will welcome change and know that even when all things seem lost, they really are not.  ​​
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