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Vintage Japanese Kimono Robe Embroidered Brocade Dragon Clouds
Robe is in good used condition. There are a few small stains which I tried to picture. I do not see a makers tag. A tag at the neck says m. It is a pale blue color. White inside.
From neck seam to hem it is about 52” armpit to armpit is about 24”. I do not have the belt. Nh117
Can ship to you, or pick up in Shippensburg, PA

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This Week's Blog Entry


Kim Forrester Organizing
by: Dawn Grimes

An organizer I am not.  Well, I have learned to be somewhat organized, but it truly is not my forte. 
As I take in items for other people and sell it, my space can get a little chaotic at time.  I call it organized chaos.  But really anyone that truly knows me, knows that when my space looks like a bomb went off,  and i sometimes feel like that is what my brain looks like.
I am often thankful when a certain friend comes along and makes me get it back on track.  Not just the stuff in my space, but the stuff in my brain too!!!
Recently I have been working with a “professional organizer”.  Someone who is great at working at the little minute details and hand holding that I just am not good at.
Her business is Kim Forrester Organizing.   She is located in my local area of Shippensburg, PA.  Whether you have a small job—getting one room organized or the whole house you can call Kim to help.  She also provides packing/moving services.  While she does not do the actual move, she can help get the movers there.  She will pack, help you decide what to keep and throw (or bring to me to sell!)  She will have everything ready to get to the right spot in your next home and will help you get it placed.
You can learn more about Kim and her services here 
Kim and I can work together to help make your transitions easier.
Contact her today.
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